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Custom Clearing Services

As a custom clearing agency, we specialize in providing Custom Clearing Service which can simply be termed as stunning and cost effective as well. The base of our services lies in our approach where attention is paid to each and every possible aspect. All the hard ships that are encountered in clearing customs for transporting your goods or information overseas can be avoided with the help of the high quality custom clearing services offered in our office.

Shamy international Ltd has highest customer's satisfaction oriented approach that is adopted by all staff in order to give the company momentum in this sector. With our very reasonable prices, we are here to provide the best services to satisfy all your needs. So feel free to come and work with us for efficient and very effective Custom Clearing services provided in Tanzania.

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Cargo Insurance

Shamy International ltd suggests that you protect your investment in cargo with cargo insurance to avoid any possible risk of total or partial damage while in transit. We will discuss the possible ways the insurance rates to protect your valuable merchandise in cargo. Since our prices are reasonable our cargo insurance services offered have been highly appreciated by the many traders. We invite you to avail our services that too at most competitive price. Please note that the insurance costs are separated from other costs.


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